Sunday, August 12, 2012

Purposeful Neglect

 Jamie and I armed with our glue runners and pounding out the invites on the picnic table at camp.
 Invites in process.
 Elise and Aunt Claudia lending a hand with invitation assembly.
 Enjoying time by the lake and the campfire while my sister was up north from NC for my bridal shower.
 RSVP cards in progress the afternoon Jeff was helping me :o)
 My first bridal shower gift that arrived in the mail from Aunt Mary (slow cooker from Target!)
 Swatch book from when Jeff and I visited Ralph the tailor to pick out tux vest colors.
 The completed invitation.
Jeff and I in our backyard after my bridal shower.

Well, there you have it, in no particular order...some photo sneak peeks at more wedding progress.  So many little bits and pieces that I've been working on are starting to come together, but I want to leave some surprises for the big day so my posts will be, as you may have noticed, farther and fewer between.  Only 68 days till the big day!!!