Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Picking up my dress-April 24th

Me in the David's Bridal dressing room with my dress bustle fixed!!
Jamie under my dress (without me wearing it) inspecting the bustle points. 
Success!  A cleanly and professionally done bustle.
My dress all packed up and ready to go home!

Yesterday, Jamie took the afternoon off from work to go with me to pick up my dress from David's Bridal.  I was surprised that she even let Meaghan join us and picked her up from school a little early so we could have a girls' afternoon of shopping and dinner at Panera Bread--my favorite!

We were pleased to find that they did a wonderful job removing all the previous bustle points and adding a new set that were cleaner and easier to use.  They also got the small spot out of the front of the dress that I had found on the last visit.  While I was relieved and should have been happy that it was all taken care of, I still looked wistfully at a dress on the mannequin on my way out the door, and I still think, "What if?"  "what if I hadn't been so hell-bent on getting this dress with my mom and my sisters on my trip to North Carolina?"  then I wouldn't have my dress shopping experience over in three hours after I'd waited my whole life to try on wedding dresses...and I wouldn't have had to fix all the mistakes that store had made because I would have bought it here in Albany.  I know I can't dwell on it, and that I should take comfort in knowing they (my mom and sisters) helped me pick it out...but I am still hung up on not wanting that part of the wedding process to be over.  I'm not really happy with the dress anymore.  It would be a frivolous waste though, to start over now and have to re-spend that money when I just got the dress paid off.  I don't even think that's an option.  So I'm going to sulk a bit more, and then I will readjust my perspective and learn to love it. 

Thankfully, after our trip to David's my mind was taken off the depressing dress situation with craft store shopping!!  I was able to find more floral stems to add to my kissing ball bouquets to fill them out a little more around the top on all sides at Hobby Lobby, and then we went to Micheal's and they had the wedding bubbles 36 pk on clearance for 1/2 price in my color--turquoise!  Imagine the luck!  Follow all that with dinner at Panera Bread, and a run into Staples for fun stationary to surprise the girls at work, and it was a great girls day!

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  1. Let me offer a little help with perspective. From what I can see from the pictures (in this post, and previous ones), you are going to look like a magical fairy... and I know how much you love Tink. :-) everything looks gorgeous! You are doing a GREAT job!